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Give Thanks. Raise Hope. Strengthen Community.

Eat and Be Well is a one-day event celebrating the Thanksgiving season by supporting the underserved of San Bernardino County. Through collaboration between public agencies, businesses, volunteer groups, and the people of our community, Eat and Be Well provides those in need with a traditional Thanksgiving meal. Attendees are also connected with social services that can help change their lives.

The Underserved in San Bernardino County

Thanksgiving is an opportunity for family and friends to come together, share a meal, and express gratitude for all they have. Eat and Be Well allows us to do the same as a community and to go one step further: ensuring that citizens in need have access to essential opportunities and resources.

Eat and Be Well provides services for those challenged by unemployment, health issues, and other related concerns. We help individuals and families alike.
Please visit the websites of our organizers to learn more about those we support.

About the Organizers

Eat and Be Well’s steering committee consists of community-minded organizations throughout the county.

  • Companies that emphasize the “triple bottom line” of profit, people, and planet.
  • Not-for-profit groups that assist individuals and families in need throughout the community.
  • Government agencies that offer vital social services to our county.

The steering committee oversees the coordination, funding, and marketing efforts of the event, with the ultimate objectives of supporting the underserved and uniting others behind Eat and Be Well’s community mission.